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Suggest and create training plans that meet your needs based on your goals, current level of fitness, time schedule and stage of life.  All plans are science based and progressive, with little to no equipment required and are able to stream via your computer or mobile device.



Whether you want to lose, gain or maintain your weight, change your body composition, or are seeking to enhance your performance, learn how to eat so that your body can function the way it was designed to in a healthy, evidence and research-based way. My system is simple, clean and sustainable.  No gimmicks, no pills, no starvation, no elimination of key nutrients.  It is balanced, wholesome and delicious.

Wellness Coaching


As your online Wellness Coach I will help you facilitate healthy, sustainable behavior change by challenging you to develop your inner wisdom, identify your values and strengths, and transform your goals into action.

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My name is Kelly Amos and I am a fitness, nutrition and behavior change coach.  My husband and I were married in 1991, have two amazing kids, Gunnar and Miranda, and the cutest dog on earth, Bella.  I have been in the fitness industry since 1990 and specialize in teaching people to assume responsibility and control of their lifestyle.  My straight forward, “no sugar coating”, approach invites open communication, realistic goal setting and a “meet you where you are” relationship.   



Due to family circumstances as a child I became angry, insecure, and had extremely low self-esteem.  Although I was able to hide my thoughts, and some of my actions, from people I was on a road of destruction and dismay.   In college I developed an eating disorder and had a sense of rage inside me that I couldn’t control at times. Only because of financial necessity, I started teaching group fitness classes.  Although there were plenty of evenings I resented having to go teach my classes, that was the life changer for me; not only was exercise a positive release of negative energy, but since I had to commit to an entire semester I started to see positive changes in my body.  That in turn lead to healthier food choices; I liked that my body was changing and I knew pizza and beer would not support the results I was getting.



My loyalty comes from abandonment.  My passion for health and fitness comes from the psychological healing that they did for me.  My commitment to meeting people where they are comes from knowing we all have our own stories and we need to appreciate our unique realities.  My no nonsense, no excuses, "no sugar coating" personality comes from knowing that a healthy body and a healthy mind is the key to happiness and we should get you there as soon as we can.

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How to maintain your healthy lifestyle while traveling.

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Do you want to eat healthy but are overwhelmed by all the different diets to choose from, knowing what is really healthy and what isn't, what is right for you based on your body, your health status and your goals, and finding time to plan and prepare meals?  Do struggle with finding time to exercise, or the motivation to do it?  Join me and I will help you simplify things so you can easily start saving time and making foods that are wholesome, healthy and delicious, and find an exercise program that fits you.

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Team Beachbody is where your healthy lifestyle begins. Whether you're looking to lose weight, get fit, or earn money by helping others, Beachbody provides an opportunity to do all of the above. We help you achieve your goals using a combination of proven home fitness programs, easy-to-follow meal plans, nutrition advice, financial incentives, and a support system like no other. Team Beachbody allows you the opportunity to help others while helping yourself...You get to be a Superhero.

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Do you have a passion for fitness? Do you thrive on helping others improve their lives? If so, then it's time for you to step up your game and GET CERTIFIED! Through Beachbody Live I offer a variety of certification courses and through my own personal business offer a 6 hour Cycle Instructor Training Course. If you are interested in attending or hosting a training please contact me for more information.